YAC Visits a Hydroponic Garden!


YouthVoiceNYC Intern and YAC member Samuel Pugo visited New Beginnings Charter School to take a look at their hydroponic garden! Hear more about his experience and how this visit is fueling YAC's YouthVoiceNYC campaign...


Q: What sorts of things did you learn from visiting a hydroponic garden?

A: Visiting the hydroponic farm gave me insight into all the aspects that go into planning such a huge project. Things like farming techniques, maintenance, even event planning to promote the work that’s being done. Watching Teens for Food Justice at work has taught me how to think realistically, but more importantly, strategically. Setting a goal with reasonable standards facilitates more efficient results.


Q: Why should food justice be important to NYC youth?

A: Food justice should be important to NYC youth for all types of crucial health reasons. A big part of food justice is nutrition and making smart food choices. Eating healthy can help sustain the positives such as a good metabolism and blood pressure, while reducing the negatives such as coronary problems or the way your body processes stress.

Q: Where is YAC planning to go next with the YouthVoiceNYC campaign?

A: YAC is planning a healthy foods cookbook which will be released at a Youth Food Justice Summit in mid-May! The Summit will hopefully be a collaboration with Teens for Food Justice along with other NYC youth organizations. The cookbook will include a food map with locations in every borough where you can find ingredients for all these healthy recipes. And it's totally a youth effort -- we're looking for recipes, so make sure to submit!

If you have a recipe you want to contribute, please check out YAC's Current Campaign page!

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