Past Campaigns


Bringing Food Justice to NYC! (2015)



The Food Justice Summit was a great success! 50 high school students from across all five boroughs of NYC boroughs came together at Bushwick Hylan Community Center and spent the day engaging in meaningful service projects at our partner sites, including Bushwick City Farm, Shiloh Garden, and local soup kitchens and food pantries in the Bushwick community. Our teens ended their day with workshops that provided useful advocacy tools to start putting their food justice knowledge into action! 


Thank you to all of our partners and to all participants who had a direct hand in bringing food justice to NYC!

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Bringing Food Justice to NYC!

A Teen Service and Advocacy Summit

Join RAP as we partner with Teens for Food Justice for a day of engaging service projects and advocacy workshops in Brooklyn! Young people will have the opportunity to volunteer at various locations, including community gardens and food pantries, while also engaging in workshops facilitated by trained food justice advocates and non-profit professionals.


Registration is quick and open to all NYC youth! Interested in learning more about food justice advocacy? Check out the details below and follow the link to register!

When: Saturday May 16th
Time: 9:00am - 3:30pm (6.5 service credit hours)
Location: Bushwick Hylan Community Center, 50 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn

At the beginning of the school your, our Youth Advisory Council created their own working definition for what "food justice" means to them:

Food justice means all individuals having access to food that benefits themselves and the community around them.

With this definition, YAC began reaching out to organizations such as Teens for Food Justice, in order to make this a reality for NYC youth in their communities. Through their outreach, they learned that it's not only about having access to foods, but also about having the knowledge to be able to make better decisions about what we put into our bodies and the power of being able to spread that knowledge with other youth.

From this, the idea of collaborating on a youth food justice summit was born! "Bringing Food Justice to NYC! A Teen Service and Advocacy Summit" will bring together YAC with other teen food justice advocates in the city for a day learning and outreach. Projects will include work at local community gardens, harvesting crops at the TFFJ hydroponic farm, muraling, and providing essential help to local food pantries, while the workshops will focus on various advocacy strategies to put this knowledge into action! 


Solutions Not Suspensions (2014) 


Our YouthVoiceNYC Youth Advisory Council hosted Solutions not Suspensions, a panel aimed at discussing high suspension rates among high school students in NYC, and alternatives to suspension. The panel featured lawyer Nick Sheehan of Advocates for Children of New York, Joshua Riegel, Director of NYU's Suspension Representation Project, and Clara Barton High School Student Ayana Gordon, who had firsthand experience with the public school suspension process. 

This youth-led forum was entirely conceived of and carried out by the Youth Advisory Council. Our youth leaders were responsible for preparing questions for the forum, reaching out to panel speakers, and choosing moderators from the group. Through planning and execution of the project, our youth leaders felt that they developed a more critical eye towards evaluating the effectiveness of school safety measures like metal detectors and suspensions, the impact of race and socioeconomic status on school disciplinary actions, and alternatives to suspensions that are being explored in other cities.

Youth-Led Mayoral Debate (2013)Debate_Collage_for_Site.jpg

The inaugural YVNYC campaign focused on youth political action in NYC and involved our YAC members organizing New York City's first ever youth-led mayoral debate! Months of planning went into the event, including outreach to the mayoral candidates: John Liu, Sal Albanese, Adolfo Carrion, Erick Salgado, Randy Credico, and John Castimatidis. The YAC spent time researching topics and themes to address during the debate and reached out to peers to submit specific questions for the candidates, mobilizing their peers to become politically engaged with issues that directly affect their communities. Youth leaders from YAC moderated the debate and recruited more students to help with the execution of the event. Overall, the debate attracted more than 100 young people as well as school personnel/staff and stakeholders representing community-based organizations from throughout the city. It was an amazing demonstration of the impact of youth-led advocacy!