Leveling the Playing Field: Changing the 57%



Check out Yacine and Angelis's first blog post on why YLC is pushing for free test prep...


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, NCES, there is projected to be a 7% increase between 2011 and 2022 of students enrolling in public schools: a little over 55 million students. However, the percentage of high school graduates are projected to decrease. We attribute this to the nation wide trend seen in 2013: 57% of SAT takers in 2013 lacked the academic skills to succeed in college entry. A lot of the test takers who demonstrated having the necessary skills had the luxury of test prep, tutors, and the fine education of private schools. Students attending public schools deserve this same opportunity because when given the chance, studies show that they are just as capable as their privileged counterparts. Although Carmen Farina’s initiative tries addressing the problem of access by having students take the SAT in school, it is still does not address the larger issue of how many public school students are not prepared to take the test.

We acknowledge this problem and want to work to fix it. We are advocating to have free SAT prep in all New York City High Schools. This will give the gifted low income students the chance to have a level playing field when pursuing post secondary education. We predict that having free SAT prep will increase the admission rate of minority students to top tier universities. Overall, we just want to level the playing field for all students despite race or socioeconomic status.




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