A Reformed Catcaller


One afternoon, I was walking with my friends and a really good looking girl passed by. We all turned back, amazed at the sight of her beauty...

Me being me, I turned back and said “Yoo, you caught my attention with that fat ass, baby.” She turned back and walked up to me. I thought I was going to get a number or something; instead, I got schooled.

She said, “How would you think if I told your mom she had a fat ass?” I laughed at the comment, but those words really resonated in my mind for the rest of the day. I realized that if someone talked to my mom like that, I would not be too happy. After that day, I stopped talking to girls like that because I understood what they felt.

I put myself in their shoes, and I realized that if I were being catcalled on the street by a man, I would slap that man or use profanity to express my distaste. It may be a little too harsh, but imagine that man's mother or daughter being catcalled-- how would that make him feel? I’m sure it would feel displeasing. Catcalling is a big part of many cultures, and I personally think that it should be distinguished. There are better ways to get women’s attention than “Ay-yo ma can I get your number?” There are respectful ways to do this, but there are more examples where men in the street talk to strangers with disgusting vocabulary.

I have female friends that get really upset when they get catcalled. They say it's offensive and annoying. I asked some of my male friends to tell me how they would feel if they were being cat called. They said it would bother them because they have been informed and schooled on why it's wrong to cat call. One person said it wouldn't bother them, and I presented many examples that show what kind of language is said to women on a daily basis by men. He recanted his statement; I think that men that have been told why it's wrong and understand what catcalling is are less prone to do so.

There will still be men all over the world that will still proceed to catcall women. However, if we can inform the youth and even change the minds of some adults, I think catcalling can fade away in time. I think catcalling should be stopped and if we can inform men that it's disgusting, disrespectful, and offensive, it will.


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