College Access Starts with Prep


On the skirts of the Speak Out Campaign, the Youth Leadership Council, with the help of YouthVoiceNYC interns Angelis and Yacine, decided to focus their efforts this year on quality, accessible SAT prep for low-income youth. In conducting their research YLC came across an organization called NY Cares which is currently offering free SAT prep programs to 40+ locations around the city. Curious about the success and program’s potential for growth, YLC reached out to NY Cares in hopes of gaining some information that could help in the advocacy of this type of program in all NYC public schools.

Yacine and Angelis created a survey for current participants of the free SAT Prep Program to understand their thoughts on the service. Along with the survey, they also conducted an informational interview with a NY Cares rep asking questions such as: “what is the ultimate goal of NY Care’s  SAT Prep Program”, “how well do you serve NYC’s underserved students”, “how do volunteers relate to [the students]” and “are the students benefiting from this type of service”. 

As the program is new, specific data has not been finalized. We look forward to updates expected to arrive later this summer!

Know someone who took a NY Cares SAT Prep Program? Please encourage them to take this quick survey!   


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